Wood ATC CNC|Woodworking ATC CNC Router

Wood ATC CNC|Woodworking ATC CNC Router
TR408AD ATC-L is an automatic tool changer with 8pcs of Linear-type tool magazine to make changes in cutting parts fast.


NC-Studio NK105 G3  ATC
NC-Studio NK105 G3 DSP
NC-Studio NK105 G3 ATC
Separated Design, protect control parsing module to the largest extent ; Arc machining, faster and rounder ; Support Multi-language ; Breakpoint Resume
cnc router atc
Side milling heads
cnc router atc
Designed for the Wood Line electrospindles allow a wide range of machining operations to be carried out, including milling, boring and cutting.
CNC router|ATC CNC|wood ATC CNC
HSD Spindle motor
CNC router|ATC CNC|wood ATC CNC
Characterised by extremely high reliability and stability for processing work. Fully programmable with speeds from 6000 to 24000RPM. More horsepower can be used with larger tools, and cut deeper and faster for more productivity.
ATC machine|cnc router|wood atc cnc router
Linear-type Tool Magazine
ATC machine|cnc router|wood atc cnc router
Located at the rear part of the machine, improve and shorten the processing time requiring the use of multiple tools.

Standard Features:

* Syntec controller with USB connection and a magnetic hand held manual controller ( Extremely Easy Functions )

* With a 9.0kw ( 12HP) HSD high frequency automatic tool changer spindle

* Massive gantry rides on extremely accurate helical rack and pinion and linear guide ways for each of XYZ -movements

* Powered by Yaskawa servo driving system, important for strength and accuracy of the machining process

* Work surface constructed bakelite with T-slot tracks ensure plenty of options for holding down materials.   

* Linear tool holder with 8 holder positions for the ISO30 chucks and tooling

* Automatic tool length calibration device < tool touch off >    

* All of the electrical components are housed, wired and tagged from Siemens, Schneider, Igus

and Phoenix


Model No.Process AreaAccuracyWeightFoot Print
TR408AD ATC-L1300mm2500mm200mm± 0.05mm1400KGS2024mm3300mm1600mm
TR510AD ATC-L1500mm3000mm200mm±0.05mm1700KGS2224mm3800mm1600mm
TR710AD ATC-L2000mm3000mm200mm±0.05mm2000KGS2724mm3800mm1600mm
TR712AD ATC-L2000mm4000mm200mm± 0.05mm2200KGS2724mm4800mm1600mm

CNC products

Widely applied in Sign Making, Musical Instrument, Woodworking, Plastics, Foam, Prototyping, Model making, Education, General Fabrication, Furniture making and Craft making.   





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