TR408AD dual heads

CNC router|woodworking CNC|wood CNC router

CNC router|woodworking CNC|wood CNC router
TR408AD dual heads - The higher-power spindle motor is for cutting and the smaller-power is for grooving or drilling. It saves time of changing different tools.



TR408AD dual heads CNC Router

cnc router
T-slot Vaccum table
cnc router
Be easily customized to fit your particular part geometry. Simplest and fastest way to hold down your sheet goods.
CNC router
CNC router
Multi-heads can realize the automatic tool change function. An economic and practical ATC machine for your choice.
cnc router
DSP off-line Control
cnc router
Easy-to-use hand held controller: Separated design, protect control parsing module to the largest extent ; Arc machining, faster and rounder ; Support multi-language, switch between metric and inch ; Breakpoint resume

Standard Features:   

* an economical and practical model, two spindles, the bigger one -7.0kw Italy HSD for cutting, the smaller one -1.5kw Italy HSD for grooving or drilling, saving time for changing different tools. 

* Italian HSD air-cooled spindle with electric fan, powerful and quite

* Makes your industries high-tech at an affordable cost with DSP off-line control system useful for high speed and accurate cutting in furniture & door industries.


Model No.Process AreaAccuracyWeightFoot Print 
TR408AD dual heads1240mm2460mm200mm± 0.05mm1400KGS2024mm3300mm1600mm
TR510AD dual heads1500mm3000mm200mm± 0.05mm1700KGS2224mm3800mm1600mm
TR710AD dual heads 2000mm3000mm200mm± 0.05mm2000KGS2724mm3800mm1600mm
TR712AD dual heads2000mm4000mm200mm± 0.05mm2200KGS2724mm4800mm1600mm

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An TigerTec CNC router will:

  • Eradicate the need for outsourcing, saving time and money.

  • Improve turnaround with TigerTec products offering up to 70% faster production capabilities than manual processes.

  • Improve bottom line, reduce human error and material wastage by up to 30% by getting it right on the first pass



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