TR408 S

Stone cutting/Stone engraving

Stone cutting/Stone engraving
TR408 S Stone engraving machine is designed for easy operating, more efficiency than the traditional processing method. It can be used in the stone deep processing industry and decoration industry by cutting, engraving, edging and polishing. The efficiency can be highly increased.

Stone cutting and Engraving machine

Automatic leveling function: It can correct the concave, convex and uneven slope of any stone surface. The software automatically generates a new program based on the floating of the stone surface, which conforms to the surface characteristics of the stone. Stable bed structure: The bed adopts high-quality steel structure and double beam design, and the gantry and work surface are respectively supported by reinforced beams. Therefore, it has the advantages of bearing load, no deformation, and high stability. Super cutting ability: Adopting high-power drive system coordinated with the spindle's stable engraving, it has the features of greater torque force, smoother operation, precise and powerful cutting point.

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Model No.Process AreaAccuracyWeightFoot Print
TR4081300mm2500mm200mm+ 0.05mm1500KGS2024mm3300mm1600mm
TR5101500mm3000mm200mm+ 0.05mm1800KGS2224mm3800mm1600mm


    Heavy-duty welded steel structure, strong frame body 5.5kw constant water-cooled spindle specially for stone processing, powerful cutting force with high efficiency Imported linear rail, high accuracy, maximum workload and long service time High precision rack gear transmission, smooth operation, fast speed and strong power  Bidirectional tool cooling system, effectively improve longer life-span of tools Configured with water tank and automatic cooling water supply system  Overall dust-proof and water-proof design  

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     Can be widely applied in 3D/2D engraving, embossment, line engraving and cutting, edge inversing, drilling on natural stones, granite,  marble, quartzite, sandstone, artificial stone, micro crystalline stone, ceramic tile and other materials. 

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