Mould making|pattern making|foam cutting|mould working

Mould making|pattern making|foam cutting|mould working
PT510E This is an economic model for pattern mould making. It maiinly work on foam and other similar materials. It can meet the requirements of various types of mold processing.









                                                                     Low machine bed that help loading and unloading the material easily.

                                                                     Helical rack and pinion transmission system on three axis; 

                                                                     Shimpo planetary reducer; 

                                                                     Fully closed dustcloth prevent rack and pinion from damage by chips and fine dust; 

                                                                     High quality, shielded cables for energy chains are a guarantee of reliability; 

                                                                     Z-axis travel 750 mm, optional 1200 mm or customer specific;

NC-Studio NK105 G3 DSP

Separated Design, protect control parsing module to the largest extent ; Arc machining, faster and rounder ; Support Multi-language ; Breakpoint Resume

ROVER A 12/15: Photo 3

Welded, stress relieved and machined all-steel frame, gantry and gantry feet; Steel structures with heavy ribs to resist flex and dampen vibrations; Rigid Z-ram with large bearing spacing for fast positioning and accurate machining with low vibrations at long Z-strokes.

ROVER A 12/15: Photo 3
HSD ATC Spindle motor

Characterised by extremely high reliability and stability for processing work. Fully programmable with speeds from 6000 to 24000RPM. More horsepower can be used with larger tools, and cut deeper and faster for more productivity.

ROVER A 12/15: Photo 3



Model No. Process AreaAccuracyWeightFoot Print
X Y Z W  L H
PT408E1300mm2500mm400mm+ 0.05mm1650KGS2024mm3300mm1700mm
PT510E1500mm3000mm600mm+ 0.05mm1950KGS2224mm3800mm1800mm
TR710E2000mm3000mm1200mm+ 0.05mm2350KGS2724mm3800mm2000mm
TR712E2000mm4000mm1200mm+ 0.05mm2500KGS2724mm4800mm2000mm

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           This model is designed with flexibility in mind and you  can use this model for any foam and similar material project in foundry industry.  We use more stronger parts for the whole machine to ensure  you can get higher accuracy and speed, but with an affordable  price. We also offer some options for this machines, different  power of spindles, motors and special size as request. 


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